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Sabine Schneider created the name Sheiza and established it as a registered trademark and logo in the colours red and turquoise at the beginning of 2012. In addition to her work as a counsellor, she initially focused on researching and developing the factors of soul and mind.

She analysed, compared, defined, structured and tested various sciences, philosophies, religions and teachings from Western, Eastern and indigenous (high) cultures, as well as various developmental models. In doing so, she continuously simplified highly complex interrelationships and improved them through her new insights and experiences.

At the beginning of 2020, she started a comprehensive research project. She focused on the interrelationships and connections in human systems. Based on this, she developed a wholistic human system.

In addition, she explored the differences and connections between humans, animals, nature and the planet. In this way, new fundamental knowledge about social, economic and ecological factors was created, which can also be applied in practice.

Based on her fundamental research and development, she was able to develop a sustainable leadership and marketing model resp. a sustainable evolution, transformation and growth model for humans, brands, organisations and (eco) systems by the end of 2022: 

➡️ Sheiza's®・A Wholistic World.

The model thus goes far beyond systemic, integral and other existing theoretical models and has proven itself in practice. This is also due to the fact that Sabine Schneider has repeatedly tested, developed and improved a variety of change methods for the efficient, structured and sustainable development of humans, brands and organisations in her more than 25 years as a management, marketing and crisis consultant.

Furthermore, she has gained her international professional experience explicitly in the relevant markets of prevention, fitness, wellness and health.

And: Following her spiritual and psychological up-skilling and research, she has additionally focussed on the sustainable transformation of diseases, crisis and conflict. Her focus was on the following topics: Burnout and boreout, trauma, bullying, addictions, anxiety, psychological violence and exploitation.

Thanks to the simplicity and neutrality of the model, it can be applied individually, collectively, regionally and globally.

In her book "How wholeness saves a world", Sabine Schneider presents some of her interdisciplinary findings and multicultural experiences in a broad overview and as simply as possible and describes from a wholistic perspective the key role of the factors heart, economy and also what consciousness is and how it can be successively and sustainably developed in a healthy and serious way.

In this context, she also describes how the wholistic knowledge economy she invented works and why a wholistically implemented knowledge economy ensures sustainable survival and future viability.

This complex whole results in a coherent meta-solution. In theory and in practice.


If you would like to learn more about the development path and motivation of the inventor and also about the brand, just click on "The Making of Sheiza's®".


Sheiza´s®・The Original・Since 2012

When it comes to scientifically sound, practice-proven and sustainable evolution, transformation and wholistic healthy growth.

For sustainable leadership, brands, organisations and systems. We take into account social, economic and ecological factors. For sustainable well-being and competitiveness. Individually, collectively, regionally and globally.

I look forward to seeing you! 

Sabine Schneider

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