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The wholistic and application-oriented leadership and marketing model "Sheiza's® • A Wholistic World" always serves as the basis and structure. However, every request, every human, every organisation and every (eco) system is unique, complex and individual.

That is why all wholistic offerings and services are never standardised. They are always tailored and adapted to your individual and current needs, potentials, competencies and available resources. Find out more about the wholistic and pragmatic leadership model "Sheiza´s®・A Wholistic World" and  the standard work "How Wholeness Saves a World" (available in English and German).

Sheiza´s®・The Original・Since 2012. For wholistic leadership and for sustainable development, transformation and growth. At every level of human evolution.

For humans, brands, organisations and/ or institutions. And with wholistic consideration of social, economic and ecological challenges. 

Individually and collectively. Regional and global.

Looking forward to getting to know you. 

Sabine Schneider


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The distribution partner tredition is responsible for the worldwide and flawless printing and shipping of the textbook in German or in English. If you are unable to order the book locally, please contact us.