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Holistic and sustainable transformation for (future) leaders, teams, brands & organisations

in society, economy and politics


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"Humanity cannot sustainably solve current and future challenges at the same level of consciousness at which it created them. The more holistic the level of consciousness, the higher the quality and sustainability of products and services and the more holistic, balanced and sustainable the solutions, decisions and systems."

(Sabine Schneider, Founder)

Sheiza's® Wholistic World is an experienced pioneer, visionary and trailblazer. We already impart holistic knowledge, experiences and interrelationships in a practical way.

Sheiza's® Wholistic World is not a concept or theoretical model. Sheiza's® includes a holistic worldview based on interdisciplinary sciences, philosophies, ancient and indigenous teachings etc. as well as more than 25 years of intercultural practical (counselling) experience. Reduced to essences, constantly improved, tested and proven. Adapted to the present time. Efficient, neutral, undogmatic, down-to-earth.

Time for your next growth step and a holistic understanding: This is no longer about personality development. It's about holistic and sustainable consciousness development. Because the world and its challenges are becoming increasingly multi-dimensional and complex.

Our mentoring for individuals and our lectures, seminars and keynotes for teams and groups go to the heart of the matter. We are problem solvers, first movers and leaders when it comes to the holistic healthy development of consciousness, growth and holistic education of the human being. Because we take the entire human system into account.

We teach and practice a sustainable and holistically healthy path of balanced growth, development and change through transformation

Individually, collectively, regionally and globally

The holistic offers of Sheiza® Wholistic World make you holistically fit. So that you as a (future) leader can make the leap efficiently and sustainably. And so that you and your team become holistically and sustainably competitive.

Arrange your first holistic mentoring and learn more. Either individually or as a lecture together with your (leadership) team. We look forward to getting to know you. In person or online.


Sabine Schneider
Founder Sheiza´s® Wholistic World,
Holistic economist, author, speaker