Offers for Wholistic, Healthy & Sustainable Development,

Transformation and Growth of Humans, Brands, Organisations and (Eco) Systems. 

Small but fine: We focus on class rather than mass and quality rather than quantity. We teach, lead and support soundly, efficiently and step by step. Individually and/or in small groups. We always tackle the cause, not just the symptoms, and train the whole system. So that growth processes are holistically successful. At every level of evolution. 

All our services are based on 'A Wholistic World©', the disruptive-innovative, proven and practical leadership system, the 'Wholistic Human System©' and the 'Wholistic Knowledge Economy©'. The reference book 'How Wholeness Saves a World' provides additional guidance. In English or German. 

All services for sustainable leadership, development, transformation and growth communicate highly complex contexts as simply and efficiently as possible. From analysis to sustainable implementation. In theory and practice. 

The services of the Institute are available to you both individually or collectively, regionally and worldwide. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." 

Leonardo da Vinci 


With a view to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sabine Schneider has focussed on the following areas in recent decades: Health and well-being, quality education, decent work and economic growth, (disruptive) innovation, responsible consumption, life below water and on land, and peace and justice. In the process, she has continuously developed Marketing and always understood it for what it is: a leadership concept. 

And this is exactly how we use Marketing in our various programmes. Rounded off by the decades of further development by Sabine Schneider:

Wholistic Leadership Development 

Wholistic Retreats

Wholistic Team Development

Wholistic Brand Development

Wholistic Organisational Development

It is also possible to book only individual modules from the respective programmes. 

Please contact us personally. 

Sabine Schneider

Sabine Schneider is also at your disposal for

Wholistic Lectures

Wholistic Workshops

Wholistic Seminars

Wholistic Keynotes

All programmes are always individually tailored to your current needs and challenges. 

Simply arrange a personalised initial consultation and get to know complex topics and contexts directly. The fee of € 360* is waived if you subsequently decide to book further modules or programmes. 

*All prices can be paid in the respective local currency.