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"In relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I have demonstrably focused mainly on the following areas since my studies in economics: Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, (Disruptive) Innovation, Responsible Consumption, Life Under Water and on Land. By developing and / or transforming (former / future) leaders, teams and organisations at different levels of evolution. On this path, I have constantly improved the factor of Marketing and always used it for what it is: a leadership concept."

(Sabine Schneider)

The UNIVERSAL WORK on Sustainable Evolution, Transformation and Wholistic Healthy Growth

While humans, businesses and (eco-) systems have arrived visibly and tangibly in evolutionary processes, initiated changes have been failing for decades. Because where there is a lack of holistic knowledge and experience, development, transformation and growth processes cannot proceed in a structured, efficient and sustainable way.

Change have of course always existed. But only in partial areas. This time it is much more complex. In her wholistic textbook, economist Sabine Schneider presents a selection of her interdisciplinary knowledge and intercultural experience as well as some of her research findings and offers coherent explanations, perspectives and a meta-solution.

Using her scientifically based and field-tested model Sheiza's®・A Wholistic World, Sabine Schneider explains transparently and from a wholistic perspective what wholeness means and why wholeness is the basic innovation of the 21st century. Wholeness is the fundamental Megatrend when it comes to sustainable leadership, holistic health & fitness and to sustainable development, growth and competitiveness.

The model was originally created by her for the development of wholistic leaders. However, it can be adapted to any human being, organisation and (eco) system. The economist presents the developmental path of the human being in a structured and pragmatic way, taking into account the links in the human system as well as the connections between humans, animals, nature and the planet.

The copyrighted contents of the model are part of the wholistic textbook published on 13 June 2023. In German and in English. Free of charge for clients. "How Wholeness Saves a World" gives a broad overview of wholistic and complex knowledge and experience.

Because with fragmented and/or outdated knowledge and without practical experience, no groundbreaking innovations and holistic explanations, perspectives and solutions can be found and successfully implemented in a sustainable way. This is true for all levels of evolution.

For example, simply book a lecture or get a first overview of the (w)holistic approach in theory and practice in a one-to-one mentoring. Even just understanding the disruptive-innovative insights and connections in an overview leads to first profound changes and to new perspectives.

The educational model "Sheiza´s® • A Wholistic World" is the basis of all offers and learning formats. With the help of this pragmatic model and the development and change tools that have been created for it, you can design and implement your individual system in a (w)holistic, structured and efficient way. This empowers leaders to make sustainable decisions and to steer their (expert) teams (w)holistically. To discover sustainable solutions and innovations together. And above all, to implement them sustainably and efficiently. For progress, healthy growth and competitiveness. Economically, ecologically and socially.

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For reasons of neutrality and independence, "How Wholeness Saves a World" has been published under the author's brand. The German version is currently available exclusively through the distribution partner tredition. The English version is available globally and can be ordered via amazon or local bookshops. Or, of course, through the distribution partner tredition.

The distribution partner tredition is responsible for the worldwide and flawless printing and shipping of the book in German or in English. However, if you are unable to order the book locally, please contact us.

The wholistic and disruptively innovative book is free for clients.


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