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"Anyone who believes that wholeness has nothing to do with business and politics has not yet understood what wholeness really is.

To help you learn all the links efficiently and sustainably, we provide you with the results of 14 years of research and development and over 25 years of consulting experience. With us, a buzzword is not just an empty phrase. Each buzzword has been clearly analyzed, reviewed and filled with high-quality and holistic content."

(Sabine Schneider, Founder)

For me, quality and customer benefit determine the value of content. Where the world is becoming more complex and faster, ultimately simplicity is the highest level of perfection.

As a disruptive and innovative entrepreneur, I have always been ahead of my time. Therefore, I have always been able to bring something really new to the table and find solutions before the problem has even reached the collective consciousness.

Already as a child and also today as a holistic economist, I am always focused on the health of the whole (people, animals, nature, planet, etc.).

So it is not surprising that I started my career as a market analyst and business consultant in the fitness/wellness and health market and successfully completed trainings on body, mind and soul.

In addition, I have demonstrably and independently researched, developed and repeatedly tested the topic of #HolisticHealthOfSystems, #HolisticLeadership #HolisticTeamDevelopment as well as #HolisticMarketing, #HolisticChange#HolisticTransformation, #HolisticBalance in practice for 14 years. The interdisciplinary and intercultural results are the basis of Sheiza's® Wholistic World. Efficiently and sustainably adapted to today's challenges. The results have been partially published.

Because as Einstein already said: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a bit of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction."



Successful Graduation in Economics

and advanced trainings in the field of soul, mind, body health & holistic change


  • Economist (1998)
  • Focus I: Marketing / Focus II: World Market & Developing Countries 

  • CCI certified Change Manager (2018)
  • Certified Psychological Consultant (2008) 
  • Mentor in Spirituality / Sense of purpose (2008)  
  • Certified Fitness / Aerobics Instructor (1994)

Pragmatic and solution-oriented scientific final theses

2018. Change is not equal to change.

Strategy, concept and implementation of a holistic leadership and team development.

2008. Psychology and Shamanism.

A path to the core of consciousness and self-realisation.

1998. Sport - Society - Economy.

Social change and the special demands on marketing strategic thinking for fitness centers.


2018 - present

Published author, expert in holistic consciousness development and holistic marketing. An inspiring keynote speaker on wholeness

Main focus in potential liberation - mentoring leaders in their daily lives - reorientation and repositioning – developing values through mediation, training and facilitating partners and small groups. Integration of sustainable feedback, communication and conflict - Holistic marketing - workshops and seminars as part of cultural, personnel and individual change processes - development of holistic brands and business areas

2008 - present

A spiritual mentor, psychological counsellor & mediator. Including analyzing & exploring different indigenous and western cultures / www.absolut-angekommen.de

Focus: Supporting people in inner change processes by transforming fears, blockages, resistances, doubts and traumas.

1998 - present

National & international market analyst & management consultant in the health & leisure market

Main focus in preparing and the presentation of the market for its potential and profitability in analyses as well as lectures - brand development and maintenance - formulation of visions, goals and strategies - development of marketing concepts – appropriate implementation - personnel development and organization of employees - risk and crisis management


Sabine Schneider was born and grew up in the former West Berlin, Germany.

On her path of holistic development, she has lived and worked in various cities in Germany as well as in Egypt, Spain and Canada. In the respective life and business models.

Further information on LinkedIn and XING.


Wholeness through transformation is the sustainable master key.

For a holistically stable foundation.
For holistically sustainable decisions and solutions.

For holistically sustainable products, services & systems.