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WE CAN PROMISE YOU THIS - Holistic successful leadership on your individual path to wholeness.

You never change things sustainably by fighting them. To change something sustainably, build up a whole model, a whole system of soul, mind and body. But how can you do that as long as your own consciousness, your own system is not whole?

(Sabine Schneider - Founder Sheiza´s holistic world)

Achieving wholeness means that you are holistically conscious. This is not the end, it is the beginning of your holistic conscious life. Then you have arrived completely "at home" with yourself. The search is over. You are sustainably freed from traumas, anxieties, addictions etc. You are building up on a holistically stable foundation.

Why does Sheiza's Mentorship achieve sustainable success? Because Sheiza's support always begins on the soul level. 

The toolbox of Sheiza's & Partners contains ergo instruments of a holistic change managementThis includes the spiritual, mental and physical or material level. The individual tools have continuously improved and developed over the years. 


Offers at a glance:

  1. Individual holistic mentorship / personal training for your soul, mind and body
  2. Ancient / indigenous knowledge & treatments combined with modern change management
  3. Workshops on the topic of wholeness (offline / online)
  4. Retreats & Seminars
  5. Sheiza’s published book (in German; English Version planned)

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