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Confidentiality & integrity are among my highest values as the Founder of Sheiza´s Wholistic World. Here are some international client opinions on my path to wholeness.

» Our company is firmly convinced that Sabine is the best qualified person to explain the links between Higher Consciousness, Business and Economy. «

» She is simply wonderful as a keynote speaker on wholeness. She is warmly, authentic, explained simply and very inspiring. One senses that she has already walked her own whole path and that she can combine spirituality and business in a very down-to-earth way. «

» Thank you, Sabine. I´m looking forward to our path crossing again, and learning more. As someone who´s at a lot of crossroads in his life, I was very interested to learn from you. «

»  Thank you for the workshop, Sabine. A lot of information to digest but very important. «

» I feel great! And empowered! Thank you so much! «

» I am very happy about this book, because I have been taking advantage of the author's support for a long time. The use of very old techniques of indigenous cultures, which start at the level of the soul, i.e. at the consciousness (Sheiza's holistic soul retreats), make the author's accompaniment in the change really holistic and let me quickly and easily come to (soul) power.

Also, the calmness of the author in carrying out a (soul) journey and the subsequent counselling were very helpful in finding one's own balance bit by bit and in strengthening it sustainably. Her holistic view and the book also help me to better understand the current chaotic world events.

I thank the author for this well-founded reference book and can only recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book to discover new dimensions in a holistic way. «

» Half a year ago, I was privileged to receive Sheiza's holistic soul retreat.  Since the time of the retreat, many things in my life have become clear. Sustainable change could suddenly happen as if by itself. It was easier for me to detach from unhealthy relationships, attitudes and beliefs....

A real and lasting change took place. Already in the first consultation I felt very safe and seen. Of course, at first I could not imagine how the process of transformation would take place with me as a passive participant. But Sabine explained it to me very precisely and in simple words. This showed me that she knows exactly what she is doing and that she works very seriously and responsibly.

Both the professionalism and the warm cordiality of Sabine convinced me already in the preliminary conversation. And also in the follow-up conversation it became clear that Sabine has a very directional and pragmatic view. This enabled her to give me very specific recommendations for my next steps in growth and development.

I am very, very grateful for the cooperation with Sabine and for the soul path that I am now following very clearly.  «

» Ms. Sabine Schneider was associated with our Company in Egypt .... acting as European Market Coordinator  .... with primary emphasis on the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In this capacity she performed in maintaining and enhancing our .... relationships and in developing new relationships with specialists in the field of golf tourism and wellness/ thalasso tourism - both non-traditional target markets of particular interest to us.

Ms. Sabine Schneider showed .... effective people and project management skills. She was dedicated and committed to her task, and we would not hesitate to recommend her.  «